Annual Physicals / Medicare Well Visits

Annual Physicals / Medicare Well Visits

Annual Physical Exams:

Why should you get a physical?

Annual Physical exams are preventative visits offered at least once per year to screen for these common chronic conditions listed below. Screening tests are performed to detect potential health problems in someone that doesn’t yet show signs or symptoms.

According to the CDC, 4 in 10 adults in the USA have 2 or more of the 7 leading medical causes of death and disability and may not be aware of it. Many of these risks—such as high blood pressure, are preventable and controllable. Controlling these risks could reduce your risk for heart attack or stroke by more than 80%

Medicare Wellness Visits:

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is an opportunity for your trusted partners at BJH to have a conversation about important topics such as your health risks, home safety, and advance directives, followed by providing you with a customized health action plan to complete at a later time. For example, schedule their mammogram, bone density or colonoscopy as needed.

Medicare Wellness Visits are preventative care visits fully covered by Medicare Part B and many *Medicare Advantage Plans.

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Comparison Of AWV With A Preventive Visit Exam:

Medicare Well Visit Annual Physical
Co-Payment No No
Address new health concerns No No
Physical Exam No Yes
Medical History Complete Complete
Medication Review Yes Yes
Immunizations Yes Yes
Review Health Risks Complete Complete
Customized Health Action Plan Yes Yes
Labs (blood work) Yes Yes


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